Dreams and Meditations - Contemporary Art by Val Jean
"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"Civilized" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Civilized - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean Suited and primed for success! What is success? Civilized is wearing a "red" power tie, but where is his power? Pressure is always bearing down upon him; it is described by the "red" (danger) automobile with headlights turning "white" to "yellow" denoting a delivery of fear along with the stress. "White" turning into "yellow" can indicate fear, lacking the courage of convictions. Is that why there is not an indication of a mouth on his face? Could his eyes be spiraling because he cannot see his life more clearly?

"Civilized" isn't being chased by wild beasts as ancient man was. Cave dwellers drew pictures of wild beasts sometimes illustrating hunters with spears/arrows chasing and killing the beast thereby building his courage and confidence to go on the hunt. He used his DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS! Just imagine how the early man honed his skills by throwing rocks across the cave at drawings of quarry while imagining the fire pit roasting the kill. Sitting on animal hides resting his head back on the cave wall shutting his eyes drifting with DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS...mind picturing successes for anticipated hunts.

One wonders... does the civilized man draw pictures on the walls of his home or his garage depicting; traffic, fast food, his boss, debts, competitors, new autos or money? Or even women? Does civilized mankind throw bags of chips or his shoes at these wall drawings or pictures? Is that why some men spend so much time in their garages? Or does watching American Football on TV transcend into the hunt? Consider the modern man wearing the "red" power tie, doesn't it take the place of painting oneself with vivid earth and plant colors in fearsome designs? Or adorning one's self with frightening animal horns and animal heads and paws with elongated killer claws from previous hunts? Observe politicians, news announcers, hotshot salesmen and big business reps wearing "red" ties known as "power staffs"... hmm?

The color "gray" can denote fear, lifelessness, apprehension, anxiety, dread, panic, phobias and/or trepidation. Do we reflect our surroundings or do our surroundings reflect us... hmm? Civilized is carpeted wall to wall in "gray" cement. Some lighted windows in the buildings signal that civilized is not alone although he may think so. Since materials are originally earth born, does the DNA deep in the original materials make our buildings, dwellings and other construction projects groan, creak and sway watching the civilized in their daily endeavors? The caverns of buildings possibly a little sad, perhaps mocking civilized that he can't or won't see where he is going.

Civilized is clutching his "brown" brief case. "Brown" is a grounding color. His brief case, he thinks, is his lifeline, his important papers, his computer... his ticket into the world he consciously or subconsciously wishes to escape. Civilized is about to enter a door... but wait the doorknob isn't attached to the door! It's outside the door shape! So what is the door? Could it be a "black" hole? Will Civilized enter and fall into a chasm nearly impossible to escape? Is the doorknob an illusion since it leads to nowhere? But look again, the doorknob is made of "gold"! "Gold" represents consciousness, something divinely bestowed upon you; great treasures within! Oh, Civilized stop and grab that "golden" doorknob and hang on! Take the chance of becoming conscious. Avoid the abyss that in the end leads to nothingness. Pay attention to your heart! Now is a life-changing event! Your DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS will promote your efforts. What are you really designed and inclined to do? What abilities and talents are calling you?

The once bright stars in the night sky are grungy with a dull "orange" lifeless glow which implies a lack of energy; no longer able to twinkle and invite a wish nor inspire poets or coax lovers to coo at the stars. Are you civilized by coercion or prior programming? Have you ignored or given up on your DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS? You are encouraged to seize the "golden" doorknob and hang on if you dare to become a conscious civilized person! How do your DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS paint your life living in "A Conscious World"?

Val Jean

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