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"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"Companion; Loneliness" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Companion - Loneliness Once upon a time, there was a little child who complained, "I don't have any one to play with". Time and time again, the child's mother would reply, "If you want friends, you must become friendly!".

Our human figure is dressed in a hooded "black" cloak. "Black" signifies unconscious, unknown parts of self. Sometimes worn so as not to be noticed and stay on the sideline, letting others take the limelight (note: men's formal attire). "Black" is a complicated color. "Black" can be worn to extend the darkness of a group's or a person's persona. Evil is usually represented by the wearing of "black" denoting the darkness of mind and spirit. Interesting how society equates a woman's slinky "black" dress as sexy. "Black" religious garments are reminders of the dark side of humanity; the small "white" collar of clergy is a reminder of the "Light of Christ". The "black" hood symbolizes hiding, inability or unwillingness to be seen as one really is. Protection, maybe dishonesty to one's self by masking our feelings and pulling into ourself. Difficulty dealing with hurt. Perhaps choosing not to see beauty.

The companion of loneliness is represented by a transparent stylized ghost like figure. It can be a part of self not understood or vaguely dealt with. Loneliness is real, but the answer is what we do with it. Perhaps we have lost a loved one through death, long distance or other kinds of losses of myriad descriptions. A person can feel very alone dealing with a Herculean situation. But we can find solace by giving to others, allowing others to give to us and finding community. People do need people. We do require periods of solitude for retreats and DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS that permit us to re-evaluate our life and promote the healing of our wounds. Perhaps deepening our awareness through meditations and daring to become more conscious in our world. Maybe by becoming mesmerized deep in your dreams marveling at the possibilities of expanding your horizons a new flicker of life will begin.

Clutching arm in arm signifies holding on to loneliness, unwilling to release the hurt that is familiar and step away into a new sense of self and others. After all, there can be security in the familiar even though painful. We need to embrace the child-like resiliency that is our human hallmark gained through forgiveness and blessings.

The background of "yellow green" fields are calling out to our hooded "black" clothed figure of loneness to only look about and take in the healing, expansiveness, growth and creativity of one of nature's most abundant colors, "greens". "Greens" like "blues" have a soothing and relaxing effect on the body as well as on the mind. It is believed that people with nervous disorders, exhaustion, serious illnesses, depression or anxieties can benefit from "green" surroundings. Our cities could use more "green" respite areas thereby becoming friendlier to humanity. Notice, the soothing "yellow greens" can be seen right through the transparent companion of loneliness enticing us to wipe our eyes, take a hard look and begin our DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS one more time.

"Brown" is a grounding color; so the brown fence signifies getting back in touch with yourself. The fence represents an obstacle or obstacles that must be overcome before one can continue in positive growth mentally and spiritually. This is a small open fence which will take less creative effort to move around, over or through it. Whatever the fence size there is always a way around, above, under or through it. Someone may even hold your hand through the process. The payoff is tremendous.

"Violet" and "Purple" Mountains represents a peaceful environment. "Violet" and "purple" signify wisdom, higher consciousness, knowledge and divine protection. As we become more conscious of our human situations, bathe and reverie in our DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS we can emerge with a new zest for living and loving not just for ourselves but for the love of others and for the whole world. Please join me and multitudes of others by loving, dreaming and meditating for a more conscious world. Reach out and hold someone else's hand!

Val Jean

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