Dreams and Meditations - Contemporary Art by Val Jean
"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"Directions" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Directions Long ago as well as today, some Monks and religious over the world believe that shaving their head demonstrated personal renunciation of earthly things and desires; therefore facilitating the entrance of God's graces and spiritual enlightenments resulting in abundant enrichments to the soul. With the help of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS they were hopeful of attaining spiritual enlightenment before the end of their life. The "blue" color of the cassock or holy robe of the Monk indicates spirituality. "Blue" also imparts a feeling of calming oneness with the universe and a peaceful state of mind.

The elegantly handsome Russian Wolfhound facing the opposite direction represents the carnal that besets all of humankind. The dog's fur represents its instinctual nature. Fur also represents undercover or "things that are not always as they appear". The "red" color of the collar around the Wolfhound's neck suggests energy and uncontrolled emotions. The small bell hanging and ringing from the "red" collar is a reminder of the "small still voice" that prompts us not to act on wrong or negative thoughts or temptations. The Monk's wrist and hand resting across the palace dog's back symbolizes the unavoidable connection to the corporeal, sensual and material nature of life. The colors of "green", "blue" to "purple" fingernails of the Monk denotes levels of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS that have the ability to clear the mind and heart in support of spiritual quests that promote a conscious existence.

The cloisonné vase with it's many multicolor patterns represents "the path of life" that we cannot always control, but we can control how we react, accept and deal with life events and situations. The "white" of the chrysanthemums means truth and purity. These represent events of revelation, special inspirations that keep the seeker on the path. They are recognizable by the gratitude, peace and love that engulfs the soul and is seen in the behavior of the seeker along with the Gift of Fortitude enabling one to persevere.

The "burnt orange" horizontal bar in the middle of the painting represents the presence and life of the Divine Creator's creative Holy Spirit offering wisdom as guidance. That particular "burnt orange" color represents a surrounding of Holy Energy, promoting peace and is pure Life Force. This bar only appears in a few paintings in this series of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS also known as" A Conscious World".

The grounding "brown" color of the background signifies a foundation of truth.

The Monk has fixed his gaze forward with his heart set upon the prize. May we always readily pay attention to the ringing of that "small still voice" guiding us along on our own personal life path and spiritual journey. May we be blessed with an abundance of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS and the wisdom to set our course upon the Truth, also known as "A Conscious World". What prize have you set your heart upon?

Val Jean

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