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"Eternal Decision" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Eternal Decision Eve has been blamed and maligned for centuries for the downfall of humankind. This is the age-old story in Genesis of beginnings. The Jews know the first five books of the Bible as the "Torah"; these are the Holy Books of Judaism. Christians revere these books as part of the Bible. There are two accounts of Creation in Genesis. In the Torah, two names are usually used for the Divine. One is Elohim, which is translated into English as "God". The name Elohim is actually plural in the original Hebrew, it means powers and encompasses both the feminine and masculine genders. Genesis 1: 26-27 Elohim said, "Let us make a human in our own image, in our likeness." So Elohim created the human in the image of Elohim. In Elohim's own image, male and female, did Elohim create them. The Bible began with a powerful acknowledgment of the dual nature of the Divine Source of Being although The One. Through the years the "ineffable" came to be thought of as singular and male, "He" was called "God". When Eve disobeyed "Him" she was cursed with male domination and the divine feminine shared Eve's fate. The feminine aspect of the Divine Creator has been denied. Perhaps women in general have become lost by not recognizing the value in the feminine. Existing in extremes as the pendulum swings, either in constant slavery under the name of "God" or rebellious behavior in secular freedoms.

Could it be that through the centuries and even now world decisions made through various religious beliefs and innumerable political views appear to be imbalanced. Heavy on the patriarchal side, seeking dominance and superiority by way of imposed religious beliefs, territorial acquisitions and monetary riches... regardless the cost of human destruction all in the name of "God". After all, humanity's history is and has been war, and more war, conquer and enslave, confiscate, rape and pillage. And all opposing sides pray and believe that their "God" is on their side. Male dominance with no balance doesn't seem to have been an example of a loving Divine Creator for countless multitudes who have fallen under the swaths of swords, bullets, bombs or other instruments of war and hate. Where is love when there is abuse to family members and the teaching of boys by force or by fear for so-called superiority?

The second account of creation, Genesis 2: 21-24 Adam was totally smitten with Elohim's creation of Eve from his rib. Genesis 3:1-6 When Eve was approached by the serpent and Eve pondered the urgings of the serpent to partake of the forbidden fruit. And Eve saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and delightful to the mind; and she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave to her man who did eat. It does not read that she "tempted" him as so many preach. She just gave it to him and he ate. And he too used his gift of free will. In earlier history and even today some Christian and religious leaders view women as "the gateway to hell".

Eve is so pensive as she ponders the enticing and stirring words of the "serpent". Adam is close by, but not taking the initiative to chase the snake away, observing but not speaking a word. But look close; Adam did not protect the perfect garden or Eve or himself! Some believe Hebrew scribes seeking to give the people an answer to the question of Creation wrote these scriptures. Some believe Moses wrote Genesis. So why not slant the guilt of humans toward the woman? She is vulnerable. The Literalists, Scientists, Archeologists, Bible Scholars and Church Officials cannot agree on Genesis. And seeking minds ask, "What does it matter if Elohim took a trillion years plus or a literal seven days to create the Universe?" Scripture plainly tells us a thousand years is like a day to Elohim. However creation took place, so what? Swallow your pride humans! Who can know the mind of Elohim?

"Green" foliage indicates growth and creativity; soothing and relaxing no doubt a breath taking beautiful garden plentiful of incredible plants, fruits and animals. Nourishing to body, mind and soul. The "golden" apple symbolizes the forbidden fruit of knowledge. "Gold" indicates Divine Consciousness.

Red serpent indicating danger! The serpent's "white" to "silver" wings reminding us that he once served in the legions of angels of Elohim until he chose to leave... so we are told.

Horizontal "burnt orange" bar represents a surrounding of Holy Energy, promoting peace and is pure Life Force of Elohim. This bar only appears in a few paintings in this series of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS. Do we not realize Elohim was ever present that the ineffable Divine Creator knew all, knows all, to the most minuscule micron of thought and action before and after? Take a trip into that Garden of Eden transported by DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS and emerge with a more understanding spirit. How well would you and I have fared?

Val Jean

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