Dreams and Meditations - Contemporary Art by Val Jean
"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"Soul Searching" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Soul Searching Do religions, cults and ideologies inspire people to want to kill each other and/or themselves? Sometimes theologies or ideologies will begin a crusade to validate their own systems as the one true way for all peoples, and if you don't agree....you die or suffer in other horrifying ways. Through the centuries the lack of respect for other cultures and peoples has spurred countless millions of human deaths and suffering all in the name of God or supposed superiority. The destruction of irreplaceable works of art and architecture has also fallen in the actions of rancor. Can anyone believe this behavior to be the desires of the ineffable Divine Creator?

Can supplies for human needs, comradeship with neighbors, a family's love, a gainful occupation and a religion that practices love for the Creator, for one's self and for others be enough to bring peace to the human heart? In the course of human life, during a person's "Dreams and Meditations" doesn't the longing for a "joy of living" between the ails of natural human sorrows have any merit?

The "Soul Searching" is asking all religions, cults and ideologies to examine to the depths what you are teaching and practicing. People probably would not be better off if there were no religions, maybe even worse. Religions are suppose to make life more bearable while encouraging order and honorable behavior. We must make an effort to act the way we want to be treated and respected...only then is there a chance the violence and intolerance will stop. Future generations over the world can begin to live the way we dare to imagine in our "Dreams and Meditations"

Val Jean

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