Dreams and Meditations - Contemporary Art by Val Jean
"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"The I AM" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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The I Am Oh how beautiful the soul that emerges into the Light! These five magnificent Calla Lilies represent the beautiful emergence of the soul that is newly becoming conscious or a soul that has been developing into its awareness for a while or perhaps a very long time. After all, this emerging process is unfolding during our entire lifetime of seeking.

Five Calla Lilies: The number "five" signifies a change or changes taking place now or very soon! DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS will catapult positive changes. Putting forth the effort to fulfill your dreams will compliment the new changes. Lilies represent life, death and rebirth, process of growth and regeneration a positive transition from the old to the new. "Opal white" color of the Lilies; translucent, suggests truth and purity that is available. Means that truths shine through for what ever a particular soul requires. All facets and talents of self are available to you and unique to you. Be still and follow the path of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS. The soul is emitting great beauty; it is a time of great achievement for growth. Cooperate with these gifts and they are forever yours. Yours to share with the rest of the world! Are your Dreams nudging you forward so that you may revive or discover hidden talents and abilities?

"Green" stems reveal growth, creativity, healing, stability and a broader view of life. The "Golden yellow" stamens represents Christ Light, love, divine consciousness, peace, something divinely bestowed on you with great treasures within. "Yellow" has energizing effect; for some it can help relieve depression.

Little nude female figures signals our receptiveness, our ability to nurture and be nurtured. Symbolizes our creative-intuitiveness, our feelings and the presentation of our souls as totally open and exposed to Divine Light, not hiding truth... surrendering in childlike trust. Reflecting the need for humor, uplifting energy. And note... we need not take ourselves too seriously. Oh, for a more perfect balance of our maleness and femaleness that we are not in competition but that our differences need be appreciated and compliment each other thereby accomplishing our completeness to honor our Creator and become "A Conscious World". Also, by accepting and valuing ourselves we more readily accept others. Our prayers, DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS cultivate wisdom and balance in our views and decisions in all aspects of life.

"Deepest green" foreground signifies profound healing. Whatever states our bodies or souls are suffering look for the soothing and relaxing effect of "deep and deeper greens". Relax, trust and gently sink into the moss like softness of the loving comfort of the Supreme Caress. Even when the body or soul is in a peaceful state it is never denied the respite of "deep, deep greens"! If the soul is in a transforming period of a Dark Night, cling tightly or free-fall and just know and trust. Never lose hope, your job is to love through it all, yes even blindly!

The variety of "blues" of the mountains represents infinity, perspective, clarity, spiritual awareness. Can impart a feeling of oneness with the universe and promote a peaceful state of mind, conducive to DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS. The "lightest blues" of the distant mountains signifies enlightened experiences, opportunities and new lessons in the future.

Oh happy life to realize that our souls can be bathed in that perfect Light of Love if only we desire it and become responsive! Oh sweetness and or pain where does one begin or end without the Divine Creator's perfect caress of "golden" love!

Val Jean

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