Dreams and Meditations - Contemporary Art by Val Jean
"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"Thought Keeper" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Thought Keeper How many times have we wished we could take back words that passed through the gates of our lips. Oh, the countless times wagging tongues harmed others or brought discontent. How many times have unguarded words been spoken to children or other loved ones. How innumerable occasions throughout history and in our own times have politicians or leaders religious or otherwise spewed unrepentant words that unnecessarily stirred offences or were designed for domination and control. And when truth or challenge needed to be spoken many tongues remained limp and lifeless allowing evil to trample over souls. Thoughts can become words that delight or sadden, buildup or destroy. DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS can help guide us in taming the unruly tongue.

A lethal slippery tongue can caress unsuspecting ears to the detriment of the hearer and have far reaching effects. If only, before turning words loose, we would follow the road of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS and become conscious of the impact of delivery of the word whether spoken or written. Incredible power, when just a few words can terrorize, bring a smile, heal or infuse encouragement to another regardless of age.

This lovely lady is wearing a crown of "yellow" hair that has an energizing effect and represents peace. She is making a deliberate effort tending and training her thoughts that are represented by the unfurling roses indicating a sign of steady personal growth, soul enlightenment and fulfillment. The "rose" color means love, beauty, and innocence. The "green" leaves represent lessons learned, accomplishments and rewards the result of a grateful and peaceful mind. The "white" trellis means truth and purity. It provides the roses security for continued growth and expansion.

The lady is dressed in various shades of "lavender" with a "purple" striped blouse. These colors indicate a peaceful environment while seeking wisdom and knowledge. While pruning her thoughts, she is wearing "deep purple" gloves signifying spiritual protection. This lady of thoughts is being led to become more conscious through DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS. She puts all thoughts against the flame of love so that the words that passing through the gates of her lips are uplifting, forgiving and strengthening. But don't assume virtues make her weak and defenseless. On the contrary, the naked eye cannot see her armor of; a helmet of courage, sleeves of steadfastness, a breast plate of discernment, boots of endurance and a flaming sword of duty. Such freedom of soul is beauty for creation to behold!

The soothing background colors of "indigo", "blues" and "turquoise" promote spiritual healing, growth, creativity though DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS leading to "A Conscious World".

Let us all cultivate beautiful "roses"! The roses heavenly perfumed sweetness is duplicated by the aura of a person speaking with words that lift and confirm. May we be conscious of emitting this irresistible essence in our daily interactions with others as we go about our daily work and activities of living!

Val Jean

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