Dreams and Meditations - Contemporary Art by Val Jean
"Dreams and Meditations" is a Collection of Contemporary Art for a "Conscious World"
"Truth Seekers" - Contemporary Painting by Val Jean
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Truth Seekers Beware lovely Lady of Truth! The Wolf known of slyness, sneakiness and cunningness is presenting himself as benign as a Circus Clown. Dressed in a broad starched linen ruff of "yellow", indicating peace and humor. Do you suspect he has other negative intentions masked by a friendly manner? His fur is "gray" indicating that he is acting on his own fears desiring to bring others down his path of confusion, regret and perhaps no return.

The Lady of Truth dressed in a robe of "pale green" reflecting healing, expansiveness, growth and creativity... all leading to an invigorating kind of special freedom through the guidance of DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS. In the light of truth, we discover our deepest capacity to love, divinely given talents, abilities and uniqueness. Learning the truth of our Creator gives us a joy that is unequaled. Truth teaches gratefulness, peace, kindness, forgiveness, generosity of spirit, caring for others and the giving of oneself while acknowledging our Divine Creator.

Long Reddish Hair symbolizes power flowing from higher spiritual center. "Orange reddish" color is a blending of peace and love. The three strands of pearls banding the long hair means beauty, "pearls of wisdom", patience in developing, perseverance in becoming transformed to your highest self and strong priceless abilities.

Our lovely Lady of Truth is crowned with a garland of olive leaves as victorious in the race for truth and applying those principles to daily life. The olive leaves indicate love, peace and maturing elements also represents nurturing of body and soul.

The colorful bird is an onlooker a keeper of the road map of life. Symbolizes all our ups and downs, our highs and lows on the road of life making up the colorful plumage. Yes, we even color the plumage when we miss the mark! A Parrot reminds us to monitor our mouth and not talk so much of our truth but to live it! "Walk your talk, talk is cheap" and "don't throw your pearls before swine!" All of these timeless sayings have some real truth to them when meditated upon. DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS each day can give us greater abundance of thought to reflect upon as we go about our daily business of living and loving thereby keeping our thoughts from drowning in the abominable pool of hate, greed, lust, murder and all the other soul ailments that degrade and destroy ourselves and others near us and around the world.

The distant mountains of "Blue" are soothing us with spiritual awareness, relaxation and happiness. "Blues" in the distance means enlightening experiences, opportunities, new lessons and learning await you toward perspective and clarity.

The Full Moon can indicate security, inner peace, love, quietude, creativity and inspiration. Also, emotional influence, as the moon affects tides. If a person is not centered, a full moon may increase feelings of confusion and insecurity. Dearest seekers of truth, resist the Wolf from disrobing your truth or confusing you that you stop seeking truth or discard truth already realized. Definitions of truth have some form of concurrence with fact or reality. There is no single definition of truth about which scholars agree, and numerous theories of truth continue to be widely debated. How to define and identify truth must not discourage your discovery. DREAMS AND MEDITATIONS and an open and willing heart will help guide you in your pursuits. Join into the mystery of the gift of life for a higher love experience... revealing truth throughout your entire life ...whether a few years left... or many years yet to be lived on this earth! We all need each other's love to permeate and heal this troubled world into becoming "A Conscious World"!

Val Jean

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